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When the sun don’t shine – Rain-friendly festival fashion

    It’s every music lovers dream to have a sunny, rain-free experience at festivals. The reality is, however, that we live in England, and if you’re still looking for some last minute pieces for Creamfields or Leeds festival, we recommend a few pieces that will warm you up on those chilly nights and shield you from the rain thats dripping into your can of cider..   This waterproof jacket by Glamorous with lace detail is the perfect piece to protect you from the rain without losing out on style... Read More

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Top Ten of 2012

2013 begins so we thought we’d take a look at what was popular last year  for both guys and girls that we think will still make a mark in 2013.  We found the top ten best sellers that had a sense of style,  a sense of YOLO and a sense of downright funkyness. Let’s put our ale down and take a look. Be prepared for a couple of surprises! 10. Love Struck Petra This Love Struck Petra Dress – black with gold sequin shoulders and a dip hem skirt  is perfect for a night... Read More