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Crazy For Colour…

Do you often find yourself looking at objects such as aubergines, canaries, peacocks, or perhaps even fire, and wishing your hair was the same colour? Yes? Well, the range of Crazy Colour hair dye now in stock at Resurrection is the dye for you! And at £3.75 a pop you can replicate your favourite animal or object for pennies. YES.

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Reasons To Be Frivolous…

Being frugal isn’t fun no matter how you try and dress it up, and never is the pinch felt more than in the run-up to pay-day. All hail the surprisingly cheap and incredibly cheerful heroes Cloak And Dagger! The new brand from the founders of Arc Clothing combines the cuts and colours of the season with teeny-tiny price tags. Looks like you can afford some new clothes after all… Another box from the brand has just arrived, with the staff favourites being the Skinny Hoody in Sand. The rather lovely... Read More

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Stars And Stripes And Hearts And Bows…

The Hearts and Bows summer collection landed in Resurrection last week and promptly sent all the staff’s hearts a flutter. Channelling the romantic whimsy which flooded the catwalks and combining it with something a little more practical, Hearts and Bows is the affordable brand which really will see you through the sunny days and beyond. We’re a little in love with the Kelly Dress in burgundy and the Heather Dress in yellow… House Of The Gods returned victorious with three new tees for our perusal. The new Debbie Harry design... Read More

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Shoes, shorts and sunshine…

Shoes, shorts and sunshine…: “ Resurrection have made space in store for treats to make your summer more stylish and breezy. The girls floor are revelling in sunshine drenched footwear. The petal pretty Mel Lilli, available in yellow and white, have already been a hit in store, while the Mel Cacao, complete with butterfly detail, are available in aqua and black. The Ipanema Peony bridge the gap between functional and stylish, while the cartoon bright of the Ipanema Heart Flip Flops in pink screams sunny days. Also available in white.... Read More

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Wolf Mother in store

Wolf Mother in store: “ Good to see Wolf Mother taking a break from their UK tour today and doing a bit of vintage shopping in our basement. Peter was a bit star struck and spoilt them with lots of discount. Everybody was buzzing off the guys. Excellent role models! “

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The Cut-Off Point

The Cut-Off Point: “ For those of you who didn`t catch it, check out our feature which appeared in the Echo last month. With the festival season almost upon us, get in store now and get yourself a customised pair of vintage Levi`s. The Resurrection team are on hand to make your perfect pair of cut-offs a reality!“

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Working in a clothes shop, as I do, a clothes shop full of girls, as I do, we have slowly but surely and very cleverly invented a secret language. A quick flick of an eyebrow, a wink or a sharp nod and we know exactly what the other wants. Sweets! It never changes. It’s a vital part of our job, it gets us through the day. Even if we’re all on the cabbage soup diet, we all know there’s no point backing out. we act like children on christmas eve,... Read More