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“It’s been our goal to make proper gear packed with innovation from the beginning.”

Finley modeling the long sleeve Classic logo T-shirt in Dark Green

Meaning “Mountain House” in German, the iconic outdoor wear brand is world-famous for its innovation; quite literally being one of the first brands to produce the products we all associate with the market.

From the humble beginnings of their first store on Dean St, Newcastle, to creating one of the most globally recognized brands.

An interview between Sir Chris Bonington and Berghaus about his favourite expeditions.

With support from some mountaineering legends like Chris Bonington, the brand started to gain serious credibility and began to take off. Peter Lockey, while talking about co-creator the late Gordon Davidson, said:

Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison.

“The Berghaus brand became successful over the next few years, exporting to Europe, Australia, and the USA, becoming known for its quality and innovative designs, necessitating a move to much bigger premises at Washington. Sponsorships with famous climbers such as Sir Chris Bonington, Alan Hinkes OBE, Alan Rouse, Brian Hall and Paul Ross, all helped its reputation.

Sustainability is also core to Berghaus with the company introducing several new policies and programmes to help work towards a greener future. Things like

  • MADEKIND™ – products labelled with this are made with the planet in mind first. Often made with recycled material, organic cotton, bio-based material from natural sources.
  • bluesign® – A partner of Berghaus’ that tracks and traces the materials used to produce their products. Responsible Down Standard (RDS), Leather Working Group (LWG), Colourkind™.
  • Repairhaus – A lifetime service where, after a quick form, Berghaus will fix your kit no matter how old it is.

Berghaus have also committed to a Carbon Neutral ’30 in which they’ll reduce the Co2 production of all their processes and work with partners that offset anything they can’t so that by 2030, they’ll have no climate impact at all.

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