Welcome: Poetic Collective

“What ‘is’ skateboarding? A seven-ply piece of maple? Thirty-three inches of length and no more? Not a crime?”

Finley modeling the Poetic Collective Painter pants.

Curated by Tom Botwid in his brother’s flat at the heart of the scandi-skate scene; Malmö, Sweden, Poetic Collective has quickly become one of the hottest European board brands around. Taking inspiration from his knowledge of Art History during his student days in Berlin. Initially experimenting with making boards, the brand branched out into making skatewear and eventually, short-form video content.

FLUID – Poetic Collective’s expression of the brand’s diversity.

Poetic Collective has been cited as being a connection between poetry and skateboarding. With creator Tom Botwid saying:

If you want to draw a comparison between skating and poetry — I think that’s pretty easy. You work on something that’s essentially very short for a long time, to be able to express the maximum amount you can in that short time.”

Currently stocked at Resurrection, we have the PC Sculptor and Painter pants. Both wide-legged, baggy fitting pants with an elasticated back making for one of the most comfortable fits available.

Fin’s song of the week!
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