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Peter: September Needs A “Indie” Look.

Now remember me? I hope so, I hope I’ve revolutionised the way you wear your jeans, chinos and “Jeanos”. Well have I? Good! Anyway, down to business.

As you can see I’ve put the word “indie” in inverted commas. This is down to the fact I hate categorising styles, however, I shall conform to the world’s need to put us all in boxes and give you my “indie” look.

I think we should start at the top, don’t you? So, the
tee I shall recommend for you is the Carhartt Varsity Crest tee. It comes in Eggplant and Blue, both huge colours for this season and your wardrobe clearly isn’t braced and ready for those harsh winter months that lay ahead without a dash of Eggplant.

Now for your bottom half, jeans or chinos… hmmmm, this is a tough one, but I think I shall choose the most popular choice of slim/skinny fit chino that Resurrection sell and that is the almighty Carhartt Sid Pant, All hail the Sid Pant! With it’s ‘’Super Skinny’ fit and tapered leg it’s the perfect “indie” look pant.

Now how about something to cover your feet? Sound good? I have just the thing. The Ben Sherman Cleg Dessert Boot, note: not only for dessert use, allowed to be worn in most, if not all situations! This great staple dessert boot comes in 5 colours and for this look I would recommend the brown, a classic boot for a contemporary look.

Now lets get a coat shall we? So you don’t fall at the fatal cold winds of September! The coat of choice for this look is the Ben Sherman Hooded Parker. This coat is a lightweight, waterproof with a parker style perfect for the changing weathers of the transitional month of September.

Have Fun. But dont get crazy.
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