Festival Wear 2014

With Glastonbury, V Fest, Benicassim, T in the park and many other festivals underway this year and popularity and attendance at a high it is obligatory to grab all the right gear for this years festivals. If you’ve been lucky enough to kop yourself a ticket for any festival this year don’t turn up rocking neon face paint and clothing. Music and style a like are changing very quickly and you’re going to have to stay on top of it, varying from artist to artist you of course need to dress accordingly to the music.

Lots of different faces will be attending and headlining a lot with their own styles from Arctic Monkeys to Danny Brown. “How do I dress accordingly to this band or singer?” Hit Instagram there’s nothing wrong with taking someone else’s style and making it your own, look up various fashion bloggers and get advice, even forums.

Resurrection have a huge stock of the most important and in demand festival wear. K-way waterproof coats are selling out fast; the simple look and class quality of K-way are essential for festival goers and won’t let you down like the overpriced bin bags sold at festivals.

With fingers crossed this English summer will be a hot one in which case you’re going to need shorts and no better than the tough quality Carharrt Presenter , these rugged and again simplistic shorts are fashionable and popular with a re-assurable label and won’t embarrass you with a large rip showing a crowd what you’re wearing underneath!.

Hopefully you’ll have sense and not go topless preventing you burning or showing everyone your beer belly, and what better to cover it up than Abandon Ship T’s? Abandon Ship provide fashionable, comfortable clothing with various different styles and designs from crazy abstract cat covered T’s to a seagull wearing a beanie to a white T with an anchor. They are also very affordable leaving you with some extra cash that might (probably) go on more T’s.

Last but certainly not least we come to the infamous bucket hat; made popular in ’84 by none other than Stone Roses’ Alan Wren the ‘Bucket hat’ has, as well as the k-way been brought back from the dead and made popular by hip hop and rap artists including Schoolboy Q and Flatbush Zombies.

Be sure not to miss out on these essential purchases.

Written by Paddy Molloy

All of this clothing is available now at: www.Resurrection-online.com

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