The Great British Outdoors

“When I was walking 1000 miles, between my third and fourth years at Uni, that’s when I realised “this is awesome, this is really what gets me going”. Every morning I was waking up way before my alarm, leaping out of my tent.”

This year has been one of change and growth for our store. Being an independent, it’s always important to try and balance evolution while maintaining the core, intrinsic identity we’ve created our the past 20 odd years. We wanted to further our range yet be choice and only focus on brands that feel like a natural fit.

Going into Spring//Summer this year, we felt it important to include a more extensive ‘Outdoors’ offering and our new partners; Berghaus and Napapijri, have fit right in! Known around town as ‘Bergskaus’, the connection between the mountaineering giant and Liverpool is rock solid, and only grows each year while ‘Napa’ has been an instant hit with their iconic designs and vision.

I love solo expeditions – I find the solitude, the way it forces you to look after yourself, and become aware of how capable you are, really empowering…


And so, recently, we’ve taken a leaf out of Anna Mcnuff’s book – quite literally. We’ve been reading, well, listening to her book The Pants of Perspective, a biography about her and her relationship with expeditions and ‘making mischief’. McNuff is a tour de force of female adventuring and exemplifies everything we as a store want to help facilitate with our newest direction. Fun, sometimes naughty but always complete free exploration. Of the self, the outdoors, of life.

We took a few bits to Loggerheads in North Wales and Royden, a little closer to home to shoot for our website and social media. But also to actually get a feel for comfort/practicality. One of the nicest things about our connection to all of you is our ability to be able to be open and honest when you visit us, in store or online. Almost every item we carry has been worn or owned by one of the team so we can give you our full feedback. Last week, I (Eli) got to try out our Theran shorts by Berghaus and the Clover Short by Carhartt. Both have since come home with me. I’m a winter baby through and through and I’ve never had the best relationship with shorts but after a week with these, I’m converted. In particular, the Theran’s, with the extreme flexibility and water resistance have just highlighted the importance of ‘finding what’s right’. I used to be a man of ‘make do’ but now I find myself making excuses to go on mini outdoor and urban executions because of these shorts.

A little micro-doc following Anna’s journey from the book mentioned earlier.

…However, I have also found with those trips that there were moments of thinking, ‘it would be really great to share this’.

Anna MCNuff – Intrepid Magazine interview ’18

We often get mistaken as a menswear store and in many ways, we understand. We 100% acknowledge we have a lean toward more masculine lines than other stores nearby but only because we feel that everything we carry can be worn by anyone. The cuts and fits of our lines are always with unisex options in mind. That’s kind of just become ‘our thing’ and helps us reach our mission statement for 2022.

Whatever adventure you have planned for this year, rest assured, we’ll have you covered.

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