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Peter: Autumn, creeping in like a creeper.

Well hello there fashion seekers, how do? So this is my first entry on to the Resurrection blog, if you’ve been in store I’m the regular basement dweller, normally sporting a quiff and can be found dancing to some form of terrible music, anyway I’m here to give out fashion advise if your willing to take it. Are you? It would be wise to…

So what is going to be big this Autumn leading to frost bitten season of Winter you ask? Well, I have the answer. Lets talk Pants and Jeans shall we? If you’ve had your beady eyes peeled through the summer you will have noticed a lot of people whipping their ankles out over the past year, mainly in the summer months eg. ——–>

(Outfit alert: sid pants, Black Vans and egg plant carhartt varsity tee )

So this Autumn don’t roll down those pants! Keep it skinny and throw on some colourful, patterned or contrasting socks and be proud of your ankles! You’re then set for the Autumn months where you can comfortably keep warm and add a flash of colour to your outfit. Match with a denim jacket (vintage in store soon) and a cranberry tee and you can take that one to the bank.

But what are the best pants to choose for this look Peter I hear you say? Well good job you asked ’cause here they are….

The Sid Pant from Carhartt, a super skinny chino, comes in beige, asphalt, beech and now in OLIVE (it’s party time all the time in olive chinos) and these range between £70-£80.

Next on the agenda we have the Cheap Monday Tight Original coming in at a healthy £45 they are a perfect Autumn skinny jean with their rigid, skinny straight fit.

But the skinny jean look isn’t for me I hear you say, well fear not my friends Drop crotch and regular fits are back aswell and they are better than ever.

For a Classic Carrot fit choose the Vicious Pant from Carhartt, it’s more of a “Jeano” and comes in two jean shades and one chino shade, it really is a wonderful buy if your into your carrot fit and prices start at £60 this is a pant that will see you right through the harsh Autumn and Winter months and the year that will soon follow!

Finally a chino that has a great regular leg with an extra wide hem, perfect for turning up! The Cheap Monday Laid Back Chino is for all you loose and chilled members of the world who don’t like restricting their legs and like a regular fit to life, their price is £55!

Always here to help if you’re ever having clothing malfunctions. Enjoy Autumn!

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