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The start of September is a little bit like Christmas in Resurrection. There’s boxes, lots of boxes, all filled with wonderful treats and cold weather staples, and they’re arriving daily. Though the carrying of said boxes isn’t quite as fun, we’ve all mentally spent all our wages before the new stock finds its new home in store. One box which had the boys in raptures came in the form of the new Dr Denim stock. TheDonk chinos were a hit this summer, with the fit and price being right. The Donk has been re-worked for Autumn/Winter with the dashing ‘Army‘ shade being the staff favourite.

The new Dickies collection turned heads upon arrival. It’s a good job they deal in fabrics and cuts that age well, as these bad boys are so intensely well made that they’re not going anywhere. The Longview shirt has been particularly coveted, it ticks all the right boxes and is thick enough to withstand a cold winter when the weather changes.

Funny how some items can actually make you long for the ‘Big Freeze’ of 2010. When the new WESC knitwear came in, we actually missed the treacherous walks to and from work, knowing full well that if we’d had one of these on our backs, we wouldn’t have felt the cold or the pain from the inevitable flooring. Check out the Finley, see what we mean?!

The new Famous Stars And Straps is always worth a mention, have a wee gander at the Og Boh Hoodie. There’s also some rather niftyWESC bobble hats, and though it’s not currently on our online store, we now stock Hundreds. Get on it.

There’s far too much to talk about in just one newsletter. Expect more soon…


Trainer SpotterOg BohFly 53

Have a great week!

Resurrection x

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