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Outfit Idea Of The Day

The Carhartt College T-shirt is a smart, sleek yet casual t-shirt that can be worn with a variety of things: from jeans to shorts, chino’s to combats. It is a great looking t-shirt, and its popularity reflects as so.

One piece of clothing you could possibly wear with the Carhartt college t-shirt is a pair of the Blake style range of regular fitted jeans by Lee. The Lee, Blake style jeans are a trendy, dark pair of jeans that could be worn in a range of occasions. The denim fabric has a well-designed, smooth texture, but is also extremely durable. They are also an extremely flexible pair of jeans and will provide the comfort the comfort buyers seek in a pair of jeans, also they are regular fitted to cater for all shapes and sizes.

An excellent pair of trainers to go with these items would be a pair of Nike Blazer Mid LR NF in black. These trainers are very fashionable and a perfect choice of trainer for the summer. Their nylon fabric provides a fresh look and feel that is rare to find in trainers in this day and age. The trainers also provide a soft, weightless wearing experience, yet retain a firm and resilient base. These trainers also come in various colours and also a low style to please any Nike Blazer enthusiasts out there.

All in this entire outfit provides a fashionable, casual, up-to-date look that will have passers-by turning heads for sure.

By James Boyle, work experience at Resurrection, July 2013

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