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Joe Symes & the Loving Kind Interview




Joe Symes and The Loving Kind have been together now for almost a year. In that time they have released a live CD, an EP, supported Steve Craddock (Ex Ocean Colour Scene), generated critical excitement both here and in the US and were the headline act at the after show party for Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. It’s been quite a year so far and with their debut album due for release soon we thought we’d better have a chat with them before they head off in to the UK festival maelstrom.


Rez: Hello, It’s been quite a year, how did JOE SYMES & the Loving Kind come about…?

JOE: I was playing acoustic gigs in and around the North West just over a year ago. Our drummer Colin, who has been a friend for a number of years now, asked me if I wanted any percussion playing on the songs during the acoustic gigs. I said ‘Yes’ and it’s really all come from there. Dave our keyboard player joined last year. We had a session guitarist and bass player who just wanted to play gigs but weren’t committed, so we put out advertisements to get a full time guitarist & bass player. Paul, our guitarist, joined in late October of last year, and Chris, our Bass player, joined in April this year.


Rez: What have been the highlights so far…?

JOE: Playing major gigs/support slots, the recording of our debut album, the radio interviews around the world & UK, Magazine interviews around the world & UK and having musicians who I can work with and are enjoying what we are doing. Also, having management on board who believe in what we are doing and support us 100%

COLIN: There’s a lot to mention, really. Noel Gallagher’s After-show Party, supporting Steve Cradock, the exposure the band has been getting in general internationally, recently getting management on board, and recording the mini album. I’m really looking forward to the feedback we get from the album.

DAVE: As has been mentioned, the Noel Gallagher and Steve Cradock gigs were pretty special. But to be honest just being with this bunch of guys is a great highlight in itself. I’ve met a nice group of lads who share the same passion so that in itself is a great highlight so far!

PAUL: For me getting the album together has been great especially as it’s my first real recording experience. It’s like playing under a microscope and I’ve learnt a lot from it.

CHRIS: I have really enjoyed hearing the album come along; from frantically learning the songs to hearing them mastered and ready for release! But there’s no better feeling than playing live, especially with a bunch of lads who I really get on with, that hopefully comes across in the live performances; a band that really believe in and enjoy what they’re playing.


Rez:  What was it like getting to work with Steve Cradock and getting the gig following the Noel Gallagher show?

JOE: It was an amazing experience to headline the main stage of the 02 Academy 1 and in front of such a huge crowd. It was only our second gig as a full band, so that was pretty cool also. The Steve Cradock gig was awesome and he was a really nice guy to meet. We all had a drink in the dressing room together after the gig and got our pictures taken with him. He spoke about a lot of things. Nice guy.

COLIN: Both gigs were great. I’ve been a fan of Ocean Colour Scene for many years, so it was nice to share the bill with him, and have a chat afterwards.

DAVE…. I remember Joe telling me about the Gallagher gig. I’d only just joined and I thought he was pulling my leg. The following week he gives me ten tickets to sell. They were gone that day and said I need more people are asking me for loads!! Same with the Cradock gig and as we were established on the back of the Gallagher gig, we were pulling in more people. We’re truly grateful for the opportunity and thank all the fans who made it to both gigs. We wouldn’t be here without you so thank you.

PAUL: Slightly nerve racking as it was my first gig with the guys but sometimes in at the deep end is the best way. All in it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening.


Rez: You’ve gotten great critical response from independent radio station DJ’s in the USA, with some people comparing your singing style to that of Paul McCartney. Do you see yourself as primarily a singer or a songwriter and do the band find comparisons helpful or does it make you dig a little deeper for something to surprise people with?

JOE: I think it a really nice compliment to have my vocal style compared to one of The Beatles; really pleased with that one. I’m a singer/songwriter and always have been and with the other band members we all have a lot in common musically, but also I find a lot of influences outside of music to help with the writing of the songs. I like to keep people guessing what we are going to do next.

DAVE: The thing is we’re a band that will pull something out the bag that you wouldn’t expect. We’re not the type and are getting a reputation as having a sound you cannot pigeonhole. We are as diverse as they come. So although Joe’s voice is great, it’s the embodiment of the actual song that draws you in and gives us the ability to try new things when Joe presents us with a new song.

CHRIS:  think with the style of Joe’s singing and the songs that have been written are all very different, as the album will show when it’s out. That surprise element of “I didn’t expect that song to come next” really works, and shows a real diversity in songwriting, which can be drawn from many different influences.


Rez: What can people expect from the album?

JOE: A lot of variety. The album is not just a track 1, track 2, it has a theme going through the songs and there are things going on around the songs that make it one whole piece; a sort of concept album. Even the artwork to the album tells a story; something for people to ask us when it’s released.

DAVE: One word, eclectic.

CHRIS: To be amazed! Ha! Nah, but the album has so many different styles of songs on, but at the same time they all work together. Not just track 1, 2, 3…E.T.C all four chords played quick with a bridge! It has real depth to it.


Rez: Its festival season in the UK. How is your diary looking?

JOE: It’s looking really good. We still have a lot of gigs to confirm over the coming weeks and details will be available on our official band website at WWW.JOESYMES.CO.UK We are also planning the release of a 3 track EP after the album release with 3 songs that are not included on the forthcoming album. Again, details of the release will be on our website.

DAVE:  Not too shabby, how’s yours? Ha-ha! Seriously though were playing all over the country and getting our name around as many places as we can. There are festivals around Liverpool and other cities and I’m confident  that we’ll get more as the summer (if we get one) draws nearer and nearer.


Rez:  Any advice for aspiring musicians?

JOE: Be happy and enjoy what you are doing. Playing music is to be enjoyed, don’t let it turn into a job you hate doing.

COLIN: Keep at it, don’t let ANYONE put you down, and always aim to better yourself.

DAVE: Practice! Practice! Practice! Practice seriously does mean perfect. Be one with your instrument and as Joe says at all costs enjoy it. As soon as it becomes a chore either take a step back and play what you enjoy or seek another avenue. It’s rare that people can enjoy what they do for a living.

PAUL: Play what you feel most comfortable with, persevere and be passionate about every aspect.

CHRIS: Exactly what Joe said, enjoy it primarily, but it’s also a case of you get out what you put in; don’t expect it to be handed to you on a plate!







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