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Interview: An Evening with Krafty Kuts

A musical night of DJ interviews by our feature writer Zoe Whittaker:

The word that I think of when thinking back to this event is ATMOSPHERE. It was clear that the crowd, DJs and organisers all shared the positive and fun vibe of the night. The small but comfortable club hosted a night of musical talent, Krafty Kuts, Utah Saints, Adam F, DJ Rasp and competition winner, DJ Soulninja. I was impressed by the set-up of the stage, allowing the audience to catch a sneaky peak of the acts in motion.

Making his debut performance in the UK, DJ Soulninja got the party started with his varied mixture of music. From speaking to him it was clear music has always played a vital role in his life.

“I was born in a disco. My Dad was a a DJ as I was growing up and has always been a big influence.” Thankfully, he wasn’t wearing the mask during the interview which would have sent me running in the opposite direction but I found it necessary to question the story behind this. “This came from a number of influences from Japanese anime to street performances and Mortal Kombat.”

DJ Soulninja impressed the crowd with his beats and when speaking about his confidence in winning the competition he said, “no, I wasn’t expecting to win. I had to book flights from Dubai, where I live. I am used to playing nights in Dubai, like the Sandance festival.” The DJ hopes to return to the UK and Liverpool to play in the future, something that seems very likely based on his performance and connection with the crowd.

DJ Rasp’s personality shone throughout his set and he managed to keep the crowd dancing with his impressive turntable skills. I was keen to find out the origins of his music career to which he responded, “I like music and wanted to make mixtapes for my Walkman.” He has moved on from the days of playing at houseparties to playing nights and festivals such as Dpercussions in Manchester. With the importance of continuing the presence of DJs in the music scene, I asked DJ Rasp for any advice for any budding talent, “learn the history and where the music came from, keep open minded about different styles, go off the vibes and most importantly practice hard!”


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