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Working in a clothes shop, as I do, a clothes shop full of girls, as I do, we have slowly but surely and very cleverly invented a secret language. A quick flick of an eyebrow, a wink or a sharp nod and we know exactly what the other wants. Sweets! It never changes. It’s a vital part of our job, it gets us through the day. Even if we’re all on the cabbage soup diet, we all know there’s no point backing out. we act like children on christmas eve, one runs out, rain, wind, hail or shine and we eat and eat til we can’t stand the sight of another fizzy fish or strawb!
I work at Resurrection which is in Liverpool, right in the middle of Bold Street. Bold Street is probably the hub of everything fun and quirky in Liverpool right now. There are loads of little coffee, book, Indian furniture, charity, cake and vintage shops, not to mention Hairy Records, one of the most famous old record shops in the country. But more importantly for us lot, there are looooads of sweet shops. We fell in love with Cadbury’s Snowballs lately, 89pence, icing sugar, chocolatey heaven, you’ll never be the same again!
Or if you’re far too good for these treats and you’re will power is actually a power, you could give your eyes a feast with our new jewellery collection. A new designer ‘Girl From Blue City’ have handmade necklaces, rings and bracelets….you have to see them to understand. They’ll have you drooling! Go to our website and check out the accessories.

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